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Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Why "skinny" tea's are not only a waste of money but can also be dangerous to your health.

If you belong to any of the million Facebook groups centered around health, wellness or fitness - or if you follow basically any celebrity on Instagram - then you have heard about the "skinny" tea craze. The idea behind these tea's is that you drink them once or twice a day and you lose weight. The problem is that the companies distributing these teas aren't exactly being honest about what they're doing to your body.

PSA: You can't change your body in a healthy way just by drinking tea

Remember when your mom used to eat Healthy Choice Devil's Food Cookies and thought she was going to get skinny that way? Sounds ridiculous now, right? Pretty much any weight loss fad can be looked at the same way, if you sit down and really think about it (and if you actually do your research!) you'll realize once again that there's only one way to get that dream bod: eat right, work out.

"Skinny" Tea Ingredients & Why You Don't Need Them

The majority of these teas are made up some kind of caffeine blend - commonly including green tea, guarana and dandelion root. Not only will these make you feel jittery but they're all diuretics causing you to loose water weight. Which in the short term will give you a flatter stomach but over time can cause severe dehydration.

If the directions on the tea state to only use it at night, it commonly has some type of laxative, usually Senna root or something similar. When any type of laxative is used too often it can lead to a dependence on laxatives because you're unable to have a normal bowel movement. It is advised that no one use Senna for longer than a two week period as it can cause heart function disorders, muscle weakness, and liver damage, however most "teatoxes" come in a fancy 28-day package.

OK, So Here's The Thing

A few years ago I tried a "skinny" tea. It came in a cute little pink pouch, perfect for an Instagram picture and I used it for two days and NEVER. AGAIN. First of all, my tea did not specify what time of day to have it, so I had it in the morning before work. And proceeded to spend the majority of the day running to the bathroom. It also gave me the jitters so bad I could barely sit at my computer and type a sentence. So, no, not an advocate of "skinny" teas and honestly, I'm pretty pissed that celebrities are endorsing these to their young followers because they can lead to some pretty serious issues (both mentally and physically).

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